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Celebrating Moms Who Break Barriers

Mother's Day is here again and I for one am ready to celebrate all of the beautiful humans who identify as "moms".

I can't help but think about all the women and individuals that have broken barriers over the past few years, both silently and loudly. 

It's an awakening of sorts to create new pathways for themselves and their children and families. 

We're celebrating ALL the moms this week.  

Let's not forget how almost every Mom on this great Universe has had to change her lifestyle over the past year and half.  Families have had to make tough decisions that were completely out of the norm.  

I'm PROUD of all of you!!  I know...there have been mistakes, there have been tears and there have been deep growing pains.  

You're a intricate one of a kind rose....the thorns are part of the beautiful journey.  I's a pain royally..believe me I've had my share of those moments, deep and stabbing, thinking I wouldn't figure my way out. You're stronger than you ever could imagine. 

  • "Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again." —Unknown Author
rose print by Michael Vinyard
 Now we get to choose....we have options.  This world has changed and it's our job to make sure it gets better and stronger.  That starts with ourselves and with our children. 
So....give yourselves a round of applause.  This hasn't been easy and my guess is that it will still have challenges and great roadblocks.  But...greatness comes from those roadblocks. 
In honor of all our greatness and weaknesses I'm celebrating you all today.
I'm including some ideas for Moms and gifts.  Below I've listed some of my personal favorites in the store right now.
  • First of all is this candelabra...It's rustic modern with a spanish vibe.  This item is new but could easily be mistaken for a vintage piece.  Add two to an grand entry way for instant mood. 
Rustic Modern Candelabra
  • Next...a vintage shell chandelier will look grand in the plant corner or on a porch or in a glass greenhouse!  I can see it now....surrounded by greenery or sweetly swaying in a breeze. 
  • Vintage Shell Chandelier
  • And for the one who loves cute organization or has the art of sewing running through her veins....this is the cutest little pin cushion ever.  This is a great addition to a kitchen cabinet just so you always have a pin or safety pin when you need it. 
  • Bird Pin Cushion
  • And last but not least....the coolest moms will be all about these candles.  The scents are empowering...intoxicating... and how about they are good for you?!!  No toxicity here...just pure essential goodness in these beauties. 




Magic Fairy Candles


Hope your weekend is filled with all the goodness.  And if your days as a mom right now aren't easy...just know you're not alone.  We've all been there....I have...some deeper than others.  Be still, heal and live this wonderful magical life!

Sending all the love friends!!

Julie/Gypsy Jule - Little Boho Valley

Little Boho Valley

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