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July 18, 2017 1 min read

You've been on the hunt for something really fabulous.  You want something festive, a bit flirty.  Pay attention.
Amazing in every way, these are statement pieces that completely pull together an outfit when you are looking to make a truly unique impression.
Beaded neck piece - festival style
It's easy to go from funky to fabulously glam in the blink of an eye with the addition of any these items.  
How cool is this beaded neck piece?  I mean.....swoooonnnnnnn.  We're showing it here with a classic white maxi dress.  This beaded collar could easily be worn by a boho bride ...either as part of her bridal gown or as shown below for one of the celebratory moments with friends. 

We're also a big fan of adding this one to a simple tank and jeans for a more casual event that still requires a bit of "oomph" .
Beaded neckpiece
Next up is the Beaded Fringe Skirt - the Dolly Skirt.

This skirt is a classic fun and spirited piece that will never go out of style.  
We've added a simple black graphic tee for a relaxed and fun look. (Click here for the legend tee)  
beaded skirt with tee
From cocktail party to music festival...you'll be looking for places to wear this one. 
beaded fringe - concert style
No doubt, these special pieces are game changers.  Time to add some beaded fringed magic to your wardrobe. 

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