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Vintage Boho Furniture - Dress Your Casa for Spring

Vintage Boho Furniture - Dress Your Casa for Spring

It's the promise of new again...

the promise of rising from the depths of

the deep winter blues.

The thermometer is starting to show more red.
Warmer and longer days are peeking around the
corner as Spring nears.
We are itching to add something new to our decor and
change things up for the new season

  Around here ...I like to say..."Dress Your Casa".

I also believe in choosing pieces that you're in love with for all the right reasons. 
Whatever the reason that you choose your furnishings,
create what makes you happy
Bamboo and rattan pieces have been and are hot items,
but they are also timeless. here's a tip: 
Bamboo pieces will have straight lines.  
Rattan items will have curved lines.
One of my favorite things about the pieces featured here are the natural color.  
Easy to add to most any color scheme.  
 Furniture crafted from natural items such as bamboo and rattan can
easily add an earthy, jungalow, bohemian, eclectic feeling to any room.  
This vintage magazine rack is a great way to
display some of your favorite reads.
Show off colorful magazines here to add some fun
and give your living space a little 70's flare!
This guy is a hard working organizer for any room. 


Next, a vintage bamboo shelf with glass shelves is a perfect
backdrop for all of your favorite treasures.
Bamboo shelving
The possibilities are endless when it comes to this vintage beauty!
Add a few Himalayan salt tea lights for a gorgeous glow
and a volcanic stone Buddha incense holder to cleanse your space.
Vintage Bamboo Shelving

bamboo shelving

D r e s s  Y o u r  C a s a

How about a Vintage Rattan Bar Cart?

This baby is in excellent condition.  Add this one to a covered garden area, an extra large bathroom for storage or next to the kitchen as a full blown bar set up. 

Vintage Rattan Cart


Last, everyone needs a cool chair.  

This vintage rattan chair is a nice addition to a dining table or

works great as an accent chair.  Vintage Rattan Chair

 You can find these and more in our Downtown Raleigh location. 

Creating the journey,

gypsy jule

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