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Indigo Block Print Kantha

Refresh your home with this handmade Indigo Kantha.

Textile lovers, this one is for you.

The kantha collector, the one who appreciates the best.

These are the special ones. These beauties are block printed, indigo dyed, and stitched with very tiny stitches.

The kantha stitching is intricate, detailed, and the best we have seen. You can see the years of love in these 100% cotton beauties. There is wear revealing the under layers of fabric and patches that show the care. If you like a piece that has been loved and has signs of a story to tell this is for you. If you like new and perfect, probably best to walk away.

Features: - Every one is unique - Each side is different - Sizes vary greatly (roughly 70-85 in. by 40-60 in. -

Dry clean, spot clean, hand wash, gently cycle, or however you would care for your special textiles.