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jenni earle bandannas

A Talisman - Jenni Earle Bandannas

There's a distinctive beat to Jenni Earle bandannas. 

Those who are attracted to these hand made pieces are the wild-hearted, the trailblazing, the brave and the beautiful. 

Now this beauty isn’t defined by the color of skin, eyes or hair.  It isn’t defined by the size of our blue jeans.  No, those that choose a Jenni Earle bandanna are known by the authenticity of beating hearts and loud, honest voices! 

Created by NC native, Jenni Earle, each bandanna has a chosen phrase to help you to conquer your fears, validate your curiosity and embolden you to define your life on your terms.  Heccckkkk yasssssss to all of that!

Jenni defines her hand drawn designs as "talismans"....a talisman is thought to have magic or bring good luck.  

Take a look at these visual reminders that are currently in stock. 

First...there is the 'Give a Damn' limited edition bandanna.

The color is copper earth with a hand drawn image.  Empowering and with only 200 printed, this is sure to be a winner with all of the strong females in your life.  


Another favorite is the Wild Hearts Club Bandanna.

Listen closely to your wild heart...and know that you are not alone.  This washed black design is a must have for the free spirited adventurer. 

Love Wild....

Love is the wildness and the core of all defining moments.  Break open that wild heart and go after what ever it is that sets your soul on fire. With a hand drawn design, this baby blue bandanna is a visual reminder to your beautiful wild heart. 

Jenni Earle bandannas can be worn around the neck, tied to a handbag or backpack or worn as a hair accessory.  Use them as a cloth in your sacred space or even display them on a wall.  

Be brave, be wild and find yourself with your own talisman bandanna. 



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