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Ice, Ice, Baby: Channeling Warm And Cozy Vibes

January 22, 2016 2 min read

"Oooh the weather outside is frightful" Wait we are passed that season, but winter obviously didn't get that memo. Doesn't Mother Nature know that the moment the tree comes down we shift automatically into Spring mode? But alas, here we are watching the Weather Channel and accepting our fate. Our store is closed today and we are praising the power of technology and online shopping. In honor of the icy grip the weather has on most the country, we thought we would share some of favorite warm and cozy pieces from our collection.

Oh Pendleton, how do we love thee.....This is the first season we have carried this brand but it certainly will not be the last. The quality and icon feel of the line has a dreaming of being snowed in on a mountain top surrounded by rustic fabulous-ness.

Crossroads Blanker by Pendelton

The Cossroads Blanket is our obsession. This archival pattern speaks to our gypset souls. And the story of this pattern adds an extra spark of intrigue.

The Crossroads design reflects First Nations teachings and the power of the four directions – the number “four” is sacred among many Native American tribes. East represents the physical body, the realm of the Warrior. West represents the heart and the path of the Visionary. North is the region of the mind and the wisdom of the Teacher. South represents the spirit, enlightenment and the realm of the Healer. Balance and harmony are achieved where the directions meet at the center of the Medicine Wheel. Crosses in this jacquard pattern symbolize the crossroads where the paths meet – the place where an individual becomes whole.

Pendelton's Yakima throw is the perfect blanket to cozy up in or lay across the foot of a bed. This "ombre stripe" pattern is inspired by the blankets that cowboys carried on the back of their saddles.  Easily unrolled at the end of the day to make camp, they were long lasting and warm.

Woolrich Dove Creek Slippers

Please excuse us as we live in these slippers till the temps are back to above arctic levels. The Woolrich Dove Creek slipper makes snow days even better.

Woolrich Whitecap Bootie

You will want to live in the Woolrich Whitecap Booties with a berber fleece upper and lining. 

The perfect cardigan to wrap yourself in while lounging around. And if you MUST leave the safe confines of your casa, it looks perfectly stylish with jeans and boots.


As the snow begins to fall (or continues depending on your locale) remember this too shall pass and in just a few months we will all be complaining about being too hot. Happy snow day, gypsetters!

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