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Mercury, Get Yourself Together, Girl...

January 18, 2016 2 min read

Has anyone else noticed something just a little off since the beginning of the month? Miscommunication here, delays over there, and frustration running wild all around you. Well...that is because Mercury has gotten itself all tangled up in madness and is in retrograde. Believe in the the whole planetary/energy of the universe type of thing or not, you have to admit full moons and and Mercury's version of a grocery store fit, brings out the CRAZY in people. Toaster catch on fire? Freaking Mercury. Laptop decide to only work every 3 days? Blame Mercury and it's little stagnant vaca by the sun. Fight with your spouse because you bought the wrong brand of bottled water (Because you know that you mistakenly buying Aquafina instead of Dasani is call for counciling)?That would be Mercury saying "guess what people, I am here to shake things up".

Mercury In Retrograde

But never fear among the planetary chaos, some real positives can come to light. This is the perfect time for quiet reflection, rejuvenation, and healthy dose of daydreaming. There is no better time to purge, clear your mental and physical space, and clean the slate. Some funny stuff can happen during retrograde, we have been personal witness to it this time around. We have been going with the flow, even when the flow has us going in some unexpected directions. And we have been making it a habit to cut ourselves some slack even if it means we step away from EVERYTHING just to breathe. The best news of all is that Mercury finally gets its butt into gear again the 25th, so hold on just a little longer. We won't be back in this predicament until April 28th, so we have time to buy a new toaster or laptop and obviously the correct brand of water before the universe loses its mind once again. Light that sage, take a few deep breathes, and let's conquer this week. Happy Monday!



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