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What's Your Boho Style?

January 15, 2016 2 min read

The beauty of the boho movement and lifestyle is the complete freedom of creativity. The focus has always been combining elements from many different areas of life to create a rich and diverse aesthetic. Boho has three main interpretations of the style. So we thought it would be fun to explore them a little this fabulous Friday.

What Boho Style Are You?

(photos all found on Pinterest)

1. Gypsetter- Your passport and closet is filled to capacity. A shawl from an open air market, your favorite tee from that roadtrip down Route 66, and those crazy expensive boots that you wear each and every day. Gypsetter style is infused with culture, the love of luxury, and an elegant ease.

Gypsetter Style

Gypsetter Style

The Craven Boot

Gypset Tribe Flask

Sophia Blouse

Moon Druzy Necklace

2.Hippie Chick-Music festival season is the most magical time of year for you. Your style is free spirited and heavily influenced by peace, love, and song. There is no constraints in the life of the hippie chick and your clothing and space shows that.

hippie chick

Hippie Chick

Woolrich Pocono Boot

Howl Seek Slouchy Tee

Parker Fringe Handbag

Metal Teepee

3. Rebel Child- James Dean and Johnny Cash would love you, rebel child. Your style is edgy, tough, and conjures visions of hot rods, smokey bars, and Harleys. You are the outlaw of the boho scene. Rock on, sister, rock on.

rebel collage


Rebel Style

Becca Boot

Have Love Lace Tank

Leather Studded Belt

Capri Blue Jar Candle

Now in our opinion, you don't have to be limited to just one of these styles. We believe a boho life should embody all these (and more) influences. But we got to know, which is your favorite? Leave us a comment!



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