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2016: Welcome To The Year Of YOU

December 31, 2015 2 min read

Let the day of resolutions commence. Yeah, we see them all over. Lose Weight. Make more money. Fall in love. Blah, blah, blah. Don't get us wrong we love goals and making plans. But after a year of major change, some hard learned lessons, and big realizations, we are digging a bit deeper for our 2016 resolutions.

  • Let it GOOOO-Channeling our inner Elsa, we are letting it all go this year. It is so draining holding on to old hurts and past mistakes. The only time we should be looking in our rear view mirrors is when backing out of a parking spot.
  • Embrace The Change-Making changes are hard but they can be so invigorating. There is so much possibility out in the world, it is a shame to limit ourselves.
  • Celebrate Daily- It seems that we all wait for a special occasion to pull out the champagne and make a toast to the day. Life is a beautiful adventure and deserves daily festivities. Each moment is a blessing and a chance to become who you want to be.
  • Turn The Open Sign On-Open mind, open heart. Our world is like a beautiful quilt all stitched together of pieces that at first glance may not work together but once placed in the right spot become a work of art. Be open this new year and willing to embrace the beauty of differences.
  • Be Kind To Yourself- Dump all that negative self talk and bs this year. You, my beautiful friend, are AMAZING. Be you, be happy, and cut yourself some slack. Want purple hair for Spring? Do it!  Dying for a tattoo? GO FOR IT!  Been dreaming of a cross country roadtrip? Well go on, Louise, find your Thelma and hit the road. {Please refrain from all the driving off a cliff stuff though}

Now raise your glass, put on some glitter, and get yourself ready for the most beautiful new year EVER! Here is to 2016, gypsetters!

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