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August 27, 2015 1 min read

Need some fresh ideas on tops to wear with your boots?  Here's 3 top and boot combos to try.  

First, the Wigwam Coffee Shop tee by Bandit Brand with one of our hottest Bedstu boot styles, the Craven. 

So easy, so casual and so what if you haven't been to the Wigwam Coffee Shop.  Mental note to add that to the next cross country road trip map.  

Secondly, there is the blanket stripe top by Gentle Fawn also shown with the Bedstu Craven boot.  This classic style top is nice enough to go from all day to dinner.  Easy to pair with sweaters and jackets when the weather cools a bit more, this style hints at vintage striped fabrics from a day long ago with it's subtle stripe details.


And then the romantic side of things...denim, lace and boots...always a good idea. This denim with arrow inspired embroidery by Level 99 is a favorite for this season and exudes a bohemian wild west vibe.  Honestly, love the Liza Skinny in a Sand Dunes wash.  Paired with a beautiful slightly sheer lace tunic and boots by The Art Company...this look will take you from daytime casual to evening dinner.

So....where are you going this weekend and what are you packing? 

Note:  not all of these items are available on our website yet...but if there's something that you want...please message us in the comments or send us an email at gypsyjule@me.com. 

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