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Blame It On My Gypsy Soul Bar Setup

June 26, 2015 2 min read

Something about that phrase...."blame it on my gypsy soul".  Any girl with a wandering soul, an urge to just live life with random carelessness, to throw caution to the wind and start to REALLY live life can relate to this well known phrase.  

It's the in your gut feeling that life should not be contained in a box...it should be spontaneous and wild at times.   It should allow for free spirited days and laughter that carries into the calm of the nite.

We've been working on a few things around here at the Gypsy Jule Casa, one of which is a little remake of our mini bar area.  It's made up in the Gypsy Jule way of doing things....something old, something new and something creative.

....vintage with a splash of sexy rustic glam....yeah I'm digging it!

Here's a list of items that I pulled together to create this highlighted wall in our dining area....

Something Old - Vintage cabinet - painted by me.

Something New - Lamp - New but just relocated from another room.

Something Creative - Blame it on My Gypsy Soul Print - my creation from old music sheets and a frame that I had. I spray painted the matt and then gave it a sprinkle  of gold glitter.  I don't usually use pink and glitter together, too fru fru for me, but somehow this worked! 

The silver tray  - old silver tray in my stash of goods:)

The colorful canvas print - bought at a resale shop 

And the cactus plant - a gift from my girl's for Mother's Day!

What do you think?

Want your own set up in your home or just a little advice on pulling a similar feel together to cozy up your space?

We're looking to help a few friends to do a similar cool setup.  Contact us for more info. Local consult fees start at $50 for a 2 hr session and it's refundable if you purchase items from us!

Email:  gypsyjule@me.com

Phone or text message: 919-753-7444



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