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Weekend Nomad - Explore the Desert Tee

June 23, 2015 2 min read

It's a lifestyle that is creating waves among all levels of life.  Modern weekend nomads....escaping all that society gives them thru out the week.  Looking for an experience that helps them to escape life for a while and melt into the possibilities of what isn't the norm.  Maybe it's a break for all that controls us during the week, the 9 to 5 grind, or whatever it is that consumes your time.  Maybe it's a desire to experience what we haven't experienced or the desire that a nomadic soul can never quite quench.

A weekend nomad?  

Yeah...the ability to wander, explore, travel freely without any ties.  You can roam without any restrictions or expectations. In other words, you're not tied down to any agenda.  No one expects you to be in a the same place every weekend.  The opportunities are endless as to where and what you can do.  The mind is the only limitation with this weekend lifestyle.  The best part is that you are in control of whatever and wherever you want to go.  Across the globe or just next door to the nearest city...it's a mindset that is part habit and part desire.

What happens when you become a weekend nomad?



Ok...how exactly will I benefit from being a weekend nomad, even if occassionally? Maybe you find renewed interest in old hobbies.  Maybe you spark creativity to the brain that is so drained of all that is normal to you.  Maybe you discover a new favorite destination that becomes part of your journey several times during a year.

Are you bored with your weekend?  Do you thrive on getting out and exploring new roads, new towns, new destinations?

So I challenge you....be a weekend nomad!  Break out of your weekend habits of the same old same so.  Find something new and exciting to get your blood pumping and create a kick in your walk. And just in case you need some casual style inspiration, try the Explore the Desert tee.  It's a natural choice for a free spirited soul like you.

On the journey,


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